• Pollyanna Training theatre
  • Summer Camp

All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

  • Pollyanna Training theatre
  • Summer Camp

All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

50 Things to Do At Home

Some Indoor Inspiration for You and Your Family

If you are running out of ideas during this period of self isolation we hope you find something here you haven’t thought of yet. If you have anything to add please comment below and we’ll stick it on with the rest.

50 Fun Ideas for Rainy Days

  1. Make a den
  2. Make cupcakes or biscuits and decorate them
  3. Make a scavenger hunt of household items
  4. Play keep uppy with a balloon
  5. Make a Fortune Teller origami game
  6. Create art with natural materials
  7. Make a paper boat or airplane
  8. Make a cardboard city or castle
  9. Make a boardgame
  10. Grow tomatoes from tomatoes
  11. Make a collage
  12. Play a story telling game
  13. Make music with household items
  14. Set up a pretend shop
  15. Make musical instruments
  16. Learn a song and phone a family member to sing to them
  17. Make a bird feeder
  18. Play a game with a friend on zoom or messenger
  19. Make a card for someone to cheer them up
  20. Prepare an indoor picnic or a tea party
  21. Google Horse or TRex -view it in 3D -take a picture with your phone
  22. Make rainbow fruit kebabs
  23. Make a puppet theatre, puppets and put on a puppet show
  24. Blow and catch bubbles
  25. Make costumes and perform a play
  26. Start a Sour Dough Starter and bake bread
  27. Make pasta
  28. Explore fun ways to practice gratitude
  29. Make playdough
  30. Race car Early Maths races
  31. Learn how to say hello in 5 languages
  32. Put on some music, dress up and have a disco
  33. Put a collection together for the foodbank
  34. Bomb the Pirate Ship
  35. Play catch with a soft squishy ball
  36. Shoot some hoops
  37. I spy phonics “I spy with my little eye something beginning with…”
  38. Play Hangman using words they are learning to read
  39. Play Snap with letters or words they are learning
  40. Make a mask from a sock
  41. Facepainting with old make up
  42. Colour or paint a picture together
  43. Play the Rizla game in reverse – Think of a noun and let them guess with yes or no questions.
  44. Make pizzas
  45. Make an indoor obstacle course
  46. Have a pillow fight
  47. Play Hide and Seek
  48. Play the post it note game
  49. Listen to an audiobook and act out the scenes
  50. Make a funny hat

And when you’ve run out of ideas check out this link for more

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