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East End Kids is about making the most out of East London Family life. 

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We’re also about community and celebrating what makes East London the vibrant and exciting place to raise a family that it is. That sometimes means standing up for those things when we need to. So we will let you know about causes that we stand for and ask you to join in whatever way you can.

We are always looking for East London parents who would like to contribute to East End Kids so if you’re a photographer, a writer or a videographer who would like to contribute content and engage on social media please get in touch.

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Meet Our Editor

East London Kids

 Candace Reading Dip DigM is a Marketing Manager who has worked with children’s venues and charities.

She is connected to the Tower Hamlets community through campaigning for children’s centres, nurseries, and Special Educational Needs. More recently she was involved in setting up a Mutual Aid group for the borough to ensure those who were isolating could have access to essentials.

Mother of one very unique little boy with Dwarfism and dedicated to raising awareness of the stigma surrounding his condition. 

Always happy to help small businesses reach a wider audience and passionate about amplifying the voices of those working in the community to make East London the best place it can be.

She is also available for freelance marketing work as well as collaborating with local businesses through the multiple platforms of East End Kids. 

If you’re interested to work with Candace, hit the button below to send an email.

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