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All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

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All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

The Fourteenth Stop

Speaks of Rivers presents an imaginative journey through adventurous dream worlds

From the 25th- 27th of February, you can hop on board the night bus for an interactive experience with 10-year-old Taaliyah as she embarks on a bus journey with her mother. Taaliyah transforms the sleepy streets into a wonderland as her vibrant imagination catapults her into a series of adventurous dream worlds.

It’s a long journey, full of unexpected and exciting challenges, but she’s determined not to fall asleep – because Taaliyah knows that with a little help and a lot of courage she can overcome anything the world throws at her.

Specially adapted to view online with digital animations, poetry, puppetry and captivating images. Speaks of Rivers are a Black female-led physical theatre company who create original work for young audiences.

The Fourteenth Stop is a vibrant piece with a whole lot of heart. Suitable for all the family to engage with.

Thu, 25 Feb, 5pm, Fri, 26 Feb, 5pm and Sat, 27 Feb, 3pm

Tickets are £5 or for 3 or more shows across the festival tickets are £3 each. More info: https://shoreditchtownhall.com/whats-on/dare-festival-2021

Dare Festival

The Fourteenth Stop is part of Upstart Theatre and Shoreditch Town Hall’s DARE Festival, a three-day extravaganza of inventive, unexpected, challenging and ground-breaking new work running from the 25th to 27th February. If you’re looking for something different to do after the kids go to bed why not check out the rest of the programme?

Curated by critically-acclaimed arts innovators Upstart Theatre, DARE invites submissions from artists working in a wide range of disciplines and brings together performance, installations and panel discussions. It is an opportunity to see new work in its earliest stages and gives artists vital audience feedback which can inform the next stage of a work’s development.

  • This Egg & Camilla Clarke

A gentle digital interactive experience that takes the audience on the complicated and tangled journey of unpicking how we got here and where we are going.

Available throughout the festival. Q&A with the artists – Saturday, 27th Feb 4pm

  • & then everything just-The Learning Lottery by Katurah Morrish

Puts audiences in the black lace-ups of UK teenagers and gives them one simple goal: do well at school.

Thu, 25 Feb, 8:45pm, Fri, 26 Feb, 8pm and Sat, 27 Feb, 7:15pm

  • The Think Tank by Fable Workshop and Gavin Maxwell

The children uprise and get to work solving the world’s biggest problems, starting with adults.

Thu, 25 Feb, 6:30pm, Fri, 26 Feb, 6:30pm and Sat, 27 Feb, 6:30pm

  • Fourteenth Stop by Speaks of Rivers

An adventure through a city transformed by a young girl’s vibrant imagination. Featuring puppetry, poetry and physical theatre this show is an uplifting interactive experience for all the family.

  • The Isthmus Project, by design duo Abby and Alice in partnership with environmental collective Solidaritree

A tabletop game that examines the inequality of land ownership in England and invites its players to dismantle it.

Thu, 25 Feb, 7:15pm, Fri, 26 Feb, 8:45pm and Sat, 27 Feb, 8pm

  • Cart Noodle Show by ShumGhostJohn

A brand new game-show from Hong Kong Artists! Get ready to sit on the edge of your seat, fight for the highest score, and have a taste of delicious “Hong Kong street food”.

Thu, 25 Feb, 8pm, Fri, 26 Feb, 7:15pm and Sat, 27 Feb, 8:45pm

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