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Monoprinting is a form of printmaking where a unique image is made from a ‘plate’ which is covered in printing ink or paint. The gorgeous thing about monoprints is now experimental they are and the process-focused nature of applying the paint or ink and pressing out your designs.

In this workshop, children will explore colour, texture, and form by painting unique and abstract designs onto our DIY ‘plates’ which we will then press and lift our final prints from. This workshop encourages children to focus on the process of making an artwork, as well as the outcomes, and home in on the smaller details such as the texture of brushstrokes, colour combinations, and the sensory explorations that come out of this.

For older children, we will explore how to translate pencil drawings into monoprint form and the spontaneous and unpredictable outcomes that can unravel from this!

In this workshop, children will learn about monoprints, explore the colours and textures that paint creates, and experiment with paint to create unique abstract prints.

This event is an inclusive, friendly environment which is accessible to all abilities and age groups.   

Bow Families is a series of free, drop-in family art workshops that take place on the last Sunday of every month in the Bow Arts Courtyard. These sessions are a wonderful opportunity for local families to get creative and try something new! Each session is led by a Bow Arts’ Artist and all materials are provided.

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