Spring term

All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

Faraday Prep School

A Unique Alternative to State Primary School Set within the Community of Trinity Buoy Wharf

Situated in an inspirational and creative riverside setting, Faraday Prep School follows a customised approach. Pupils get a personalised education with small classes and inspiring teachers. With a focus on nurturing children’s innate curiosity, Faraday’s students are encouraged to follow their inclination to explore, grow and create. Ultimately, the school aims to instill an enthusiasm for learning that lasts a lifetime. A strong emphasis is placed on literacy and numeracy but tailored so that each child can progress at their own level.

Students are introduced to great literature, music, and works of art; a truly inspiring foundation for the world in which they live. The curriculum includes specialist teaching in French, Music, Drama, and PE with a focus on providing a thorough understanding of a wide variety of subjects.

Faraday students start at reception class and leave for senior school at the age of eleven. The school day runs from 8.45 am until 3.30 pm, with private buses running before and after school from a range of East London locations. After school and breakfast clubs are available from as early as 8:15 am and as late as 5:30 pm. Faraday after school clubs expose students to a wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer from gardening to robotics.

Faraday Virtual Open Days

You can contact Faraday from their Admissions and Open Days page to arrange a visit.

The Fishmongers’ Faraday Award is a great opportunity for your child to attend a unique prep school in a fantastic setting. Not only a chance for them to discover their element but also their love for learning at the most formative time in their education.

If you have more questions why not attend one of their virtual Q & As.

Faraday – Further Information

Virtual Q & As

You can sign up here: https://www.faradayschool.co.uk/Book-Open-Day/

ISI and Ofsted Reports

Where: Old Gate House, 7 Trinity Buoy Wharf, London E14 0FH

T: 020 7719 9342

W: http://www.faradayschool.co.uk/

More information to apply for the award is here: https://www.faradayschool.co.uk/Admissions/Fishmongers-Faraday-Award/

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