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Grandnanny intergenerational childcare partners with East End Kids - Mother wearing glasses holds baby as she answers the door to their new Grandnanny who we can see from behind has a grey afro

GrandNanny Intergenerational Childcare Brings Communities Together

GrandNanny’s intergenerational childcare service helps experienced midlife and older people find meaningful work while helping parents find a solution to the childcare conundrum.

Are you struggling to find the right person to look after your children? Do you wish your parents were around to help you with childcare? We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with GrandNanny. A social enterprise which aims to make childcare simpler, fairer and more local while championing the underemployed and connecting generations. EEK members can enjoy 25% off Safe Start fees when you find the perfect match.

Life in London can sometimes feel a little one dimensional. We tend to connect with people in a similar age bracket to us isolated from other generations. It’s rare for grandparents to still live nearby and because of this, many children have fewer chances to create intergenerational bonds.

The elders often seem missing from our communities. A generation that would have played such an integral role throughout our collective evolutionary history is instead absent and often isolated. GrandNanny aims to address the lack of childcare options with a way for us to connect with caring midlife and older people who can offer families their life experience and calm wisdom.

Many of the ‘GrandNannies’ have raised their own families and/or enjoyed rewarding careers. Therefore, they can offer knowledge that can be useful for growing children and the parents navigating the ups and downs of raising them.

Safe, Experienced and Fully Trained GrandNannies

Most ‘GrandNannies’ have to have at least 10 years of personal or professional childcare experience. Each Grandnanny goes through a pre-vetting call before they can join the platform. Once they find work with a friendly local family, GrandNanny runs a whole host of additional checks to make sure kids are in the safest hands:

  • An enhanced DBS check, including child barred list
  • 2 x reference checks
  • Identity and right to work checks
  • A CPD accredited online paediatric first aid refresher course
  • A CPD and IRRSM accredited online safeguarding course

GrandNanny also takes care of your Nanny’s contract and payroll, meaning once you find a GrandNanny you love, you can simply enjoy the services of a friendly, joyful and experienced nanny.

GrandNanny charges a one-off ‘Safe Start’ fee of £350 (25% off for EEK members) to cover contracts, set up and all checks and training. Your all-in hourly rate will vary depending on the GrandNanny you choose to work with. Average rates sit around £16.50/hr. 

Registration is easy and takes just 2 minutes. Click here to get started today.

How to redeem your EEK Member’s offer

To redeem your offer simply quote ENK+GN25 by email or over the phone. You’ll get 25% off your Safe Start fees when you find the perfect match.

Not a member? Check out our offers and get yourself signed up today. It’s free!


“When lockdown hit, my parents – who live up North – couldn’t help us anymore, but I wanted that kind of help for my girls, who had already been through so much already with the loss of my partner. GrandNanny appealed because I just felt our family needed the stability of an older, wiser, experienced pair of hands. Definitely a sort of surrogate grandparent. I’m so grateful for Faye’s support. She too was a single mum, and now I am too. She’s had so much to teach me.”

  • Camilla, single parent of 6 year old twins

“It’s definitely harder looking for work when you are older. I’ve found that when people are looking at CVs, they will rarely go with the older candidate, especially applying for positions in schools where they tend to want younger and younger people. It’s a shame because I think they are missing out. If you’re older, you may have more sensitivity, more knowledge and more to offer on a more personal level with the Children. I definitely know a lot more now than I did only when I was younger.

It’s nice for kids to have young people who want to have fun with them but there’s certainly a lot of things I would have been completely unaware of. Now I have an insight into what goes on in school. I know quite often, when they could have had a really intense day, that they’re often really tired or sensitive. Obviously, if you work with children, the more experience you have, the more knowledge you have.”

  • GrandNanny: Faye Moore, 57, Former Teaching Assistant experienced with SEND children

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