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All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

  • Pollyanna Training theatre
  • Summer Camp

All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

Keetoo- Days Out in London with Kids

London with Kids Just Got Easier with a Flexible Pass from Keetoo

Days out with the kids can be exciting and rewarding, but the cost can sometimes make us think twice, especially in big (and pricey) cities like London. Simply stepping out the door in our city can seem an expensive endeavour!

To make a small saving, you’ll usually have to pre-book before printing out what feels like hundreds of tickets. Dates and times must be specified in advance (and, of course, specific venues). All of this can be a minor headache to say the least, especially with the unpredictability of family life. This is where Keetoo comes in and it’s no wonder users have been so pleased with this handy little app.

Keetoo is a UK based company focused on making family days out convenient, flexible and affordable.

It was developed by founders with families of their own. Even with a background in travel and tourism, they also found organising a day out with the kids a challenge. A sudden illness, a toddler meltdown or bad weather can scupper even the best-laid plans. Not to mention the cost of having to cancel your day out because you weren’t able to make that pre-purchased slot.

Launched at the start of 2019, Keetoo’s mission is to make days out in London as easy as possible for parents. It gets rid of the need to buy tickets to specific venues or to pre-book specific dates and times. There’s no booking or pre-planning required. You can simply decide on the day where you want to go and when you want to get there. All the while, making great savings!

Sightseeing Made Simple

For £39 per adult and £23 per child, you can visit any TWO of the listed London attractions on a day that works for you. No fixed times, no fixed combinations, just turn up to your chosen venue, decide as you arrive and have some fun. After visiting your first attraction, you’ll have 10 days to visit the second, just in case you want to take things a little slower.

Plus, all the information you need, including your tickets for entry, are stored within the Keetoo app. As an added extra, you can also benefit from FREE starters or desserts at selected restaurants with every main meal you purchase.

Keetoo has recently received a huge endorsement from Mumsnetters and has gone on to receive the ‘Mumsnet Rated’ accreditation for providing an affordable, accessible and flexible solution to days out in London with kids. They’ve also recently won the silver award for best innovation at The British Youth Travel Awards 2019.

How It Works

You can download Keetoo for iOS and Android for free and then purchase credits to use on your day (or days) out.

  1. Keetoo.com

Mumsnet Reviews


Help Other Families Take Days Out

For every 15 credits purchased, Keetoo offer days out to the Family Holiday Association. For over 40 years, the Family Holiday Association has provided breaks for UK families struggling with issues such as disability, severe and sudden illness, bereavement, mental health issues and domestic violence.  Some of the families they help have never taken a holiday together. The charity was founded on the belief that holidays are a lifeline, not a luxury, providing much needed respite and bonding time together.


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