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Celebrate the Arrival of Spring in East London at Phantom Peak

This spring, explore the Festival of Innovation, Phantom Peak’s showcase of inventions and astounding creations in an immersive experience that is delightfully stimulating but also completely ridiculous.

We loved our visit to Wintermas and this incredible theme park reinvents itself seasonally so a whole new adventure awaits. You’ll love this immersive experience with multiple layers and hidden mysteries. This Spring will be blooming marvellous as the frost of Wintermas has melted away and the new story unfolds.

Step into a world beyond your wildest dreams, and discover the possibilities of a new diamant-powered life at Phantom Peak. Help townsfolk push the limits of the laws of nature with their new inventions, compete in the JONACO Innovation Olympics, and uncover the mysteries that lay within this
one-of-a-kind town!

Scan the QR code and follow the clues as you are directed through a story on your smartphone while everyone looks for clues, speaking to the character actors, cracking codes and turning over every leaf. Check out our review and reel from our visit to Wintermas to know what to expect when you go.

What to Expect at the Festival of Innovation, Phantom Peak’s spring season

  • 10 Groundbreaking Trails: This season promises an exciting new storyline which will explore the past, present, and future of Phantom Peak!
  • New Areas to Explore: with Father Platmas firmly ousted from the town once more, the townsfolk have been hard at work redesigning the reclaimed areas to be better than ever!
  • The Innovation Games Puzzle Hunt: Introducing an exciting new way to engage with the world of Phantom Peak that will offer a puzzling challenge sweeping the entire town!
  • New Games and Events: with new inventions comes a host of exciting new ways to engage with the townsfolk! Create your own inventions, become a valued member of the JONACO team, or conspire with the evil resistance!
  • Enjoy New Spring Treats: The Thirsty Frontier Saloon has an extra pep in their step with the extra daylight! Treat yourself to indulgent new cocktails as you explore the town!

Something Different for Mother’s Day in East London – competition now closed

Who says Mother’s Day is all about boring old brunch? Bring your intrepid adventures to a frontier town nestled within East London’s Canada Water. You can still eat yummy food and drink lashings of prosecco but in an atmosphere that transports you to a whole other world full of challenging games and puzzles to solve.

We’ve got a family ticket for 5 to give away for the 10th of March. Simply enter via the competition portal by midnight on the 5th March for your chance to win. Competition now closed

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Further information:

Every Friday through to Sunday, various times available

Phantom Peak, Canada Street, Surrey Quays Road, London, SE16 7PJ

Tickets £39.99 adults, £24.99 under 25s, £18.99 under 16s

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