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All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

Red Sun CrossFit

Red Sun CrossFit -Postnatal Exercise

With summer around the corner are you dreading getting into a swimsuit? It might be time to find a class that suits you and your baby’s routine and makes fitness fun. Red Sun CrossFit Weekday Burner classes are getting increasingly popular with local mums. These fun and sociable classes start at 12:30 daily Monday to Friday. They are just 30 minutes long and there is plenty of space for prams so you can bring your baby and keep an eye on them while you exercise! Red Sun CrossFit offer Free Tasters so you’ve got nothing to lose by trying it out apart from the calories you hope to burn.

Having a baby can make your body feel a little alien to you. Everything is a bit wobbly, you boobs are heavy and your pelvic floor, well let’s not go into details. Most mums struggle to find the time to fit in postnatal exercise and so your body image can suffer. Getting back to a shape more recognisable as you can feel like an impossible mission.

Red Sun CrossFit Weekday Burner Classes are high intensity, always varied and accessible to any fitness level. The sessions are ideal for those looking for a quick and effective workout, wanting to burn calories and see fast results. Class sizes are maintained small so members can get more focused attention from the coach. Trainers take their time with each individual and help you to push yourself while taking your fitness level into account.

Along with their Weekday Burners Classes, Red Sun CrossFit offers classes throughout the week, in the morning and evenings, most of which are 1hr long.

Do try to remember your amazing body created a beautiful human being! Make sure to get confirmation at your postnatal check-up before starting to exercise.

What Mums Say:

“I really enjoy training at this new Crossfit box. The coaching is good and I feel I’ve improved. The workouts are varied and challenging. Nico is good at judging what’s within a person’s ability and as you get fitter, making it more intense.”

“There’s a really good community spirit! As a Mum who has just had a baby, I felt supported with getting back into training and taking things at the right pace. It helped my confidence and helped me make a good start on losing the baby weight. I can bring my baby along to the short high-intensity workouts at lunchtime and it’s great fun for both of us!”

“You do push yourself, but the exercises are all adapted to suit your fitness/strength, and because the classes are kept small, you get all the benefits of having a personal trainer with the fun of being in a group.  The schedule is really flexible so I can easily fit classes in around work and childcare.

“The lunchtime burner classes are short but intense so a v. efficient way to fit in a good workout, and it’s been really nice to meet other mums here as well.  Overall, the classes are varied and enjoyable, everyone is really friendly, and it’s not at all intimidating (which is something I’d been worried about before coming) – I can happily recommend it!”

Further Information

Location: Red Sun CrossFit, 195 Bancroft Road, London, E1 4ET

W: http://redsuncrossfit.com/

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