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new baby holds father's pinky - YOu the Daddy is the perfect fathers day gift for the new dad in your life

You the Daddy – The Essential Guide for New Dads

Author and parenting blogger’s NEW hands-on dad’s guide to Fatherhood, a book full of practical advice for before the birth, during the birth and the first 3 years of a child’s life.  

Fatherhood is an exciting time for many men but with everything so focused on the mother and child, many men struggle to know what they can do to help. You the Daddy is full of carefully considered information written by a dad who has made a commendable effort to think of all the many different scenarios that can arise. New mums can struggle to know themselves let alone communicate it, especially in those sleepless, hormonal, anxious, identity crisis- fuelled early days of motherhood.

Many dads will relate to the subtle humour including a baby growth comparison chart opting to compare the baby to the size of a pint glass or football vs the assorted fruit we are more familiar with. The naming of birthing positions is fun too featuring “The Citizens Arrest” and “Crouching Tiger Hidden Baby” but with suggestions for how to support mum in these positions and also, helpfully, when not to.

I would be lying if I said this book hasn’t made me feel a little emotional. The early days were so hard on our relationship and my husband didn’t really connect with the baby books I gave him to read as they were so targeted towards me – also they were mostly rubbish and I would quite like to burn most of them.

I think this book would have been an enormous help though as it full of empathy for the mum’s headspace and needs while helping fathers to understand how important their role is. Sometimes, this vital role involves looking after mum and supporting her journey through pregnancy and night feeds.

I also like the pages feature other dad’s lived experiences including Tom, who shares his adoption journey, and Mike, a dad whose baby has struggled with allergies.

New Dad New Mindset

Benjamin Franklin quotes like “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail” You the Daddy prompts men to plan ahead and take action which is something that I think could help many new dads cope with the uncertainty in the months leading up to the birth.

While “What we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us” from Umberto Eco, encourages men to think about the kind of father that they would like to be before the baby arrives. Something all parents should probably think about before they start procreating but better late than never.

While this book sometimes feels a little stereotypically male, challenges to long-held perceptions of who does what feature prominently too and I think this approach might make some of the concepts more approachable. I am not a man but with guest contributor, Gavin’s story about what it is like to be a stay-at-home dad along with whole sections dedicated to sharing the mental load, a lot of mums will be praising – A-men.

Dad’s Mental Health

Along with advice on how to spot signs of postnatal depression for mums, there’s also vital advice for a new dad to understand how their mental health might be impacted too. Although it is not as widely spoken of, many men can suffer from parental burnout. With a chapter dedicated to encouraging men to be mindful of their emotional state, how to seek help if necessary and the importance of practising self-care, hopefully, more dads will understand emotions and thoughts are not necessarily about who you are but instead, the state you are in. Encouraging men to seek support if need be will help many new dads have an easier time adjusting to the chaos of early parenthood.

So, it’s with my greatest pleasure to be able to give a copy away to one Lucky expectant or new dad this Father’s Day. Please share this article with any new parents you know including mums (it’s as much a gift for her if he learns something from it) so they can have a chance to win too.

I honestly think it should be prescribed on the NHS!

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