• Football classes in East London
  • Brunel Museum

All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

  • Football classes in East London
  • Brunel Museum

All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

Tower Hamlets Covid 19 Mutual Aid Group

Join Tower Hamlets Covid 19 Mutual Aid Effort

Because Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

Did you ever consider that we would be doing this? That life could be so completely turned on its head? That we would not be allowed to go outside whenever we chose? But life happens while you are busy making other plans. Knowing that things were about to get a hell of a lot worse for many people, we started a Facebook page called Tower Hamlets Covid 19 Community Support. It was amazing to see how quickly it grew as people flooded in to help their neighbours and feel connected during these dark times.

The Facebook group is designed to signpost people to their local WhatsApp groups. Bethnal Green maxed out the limit of people for a WhatsApp group in a matter of days. Since then we have broken down the groups into even smaller street by street areas. Putting neighbours in touch with each other so that when in need they would know they were not alone. The groups also limit how many people go out at any one time. If you have to go to the shops you can ask your neighbour if they need anything. Vulnerable people can stay safe inside their houses.

With pregnant people, the immunocompromised and elderly all advised to self-isolate the demand on social care will be huge at this time. The council is able to handle the most serious and long term needs via this number 02073643030 but please do reach out if you or anyone you know needs help via the WhatsApp groups. Please always take care not to post personal information in public places.

What is Mutual Aid?

Mutual aid is a way for everyone to participate in taking responsibility for caring for one another when the systems in place are not working. By actually building new social relations that are more survivable, we can all do our bit to ensure the wellbeing of more people than would otherwise get the help they need. 

So we stand by in solidarity with those who can’t pay the rent, don’t have enough food to eat and can’t leave their house. Mutual Aid groups are also there to ensure care is being provided. The social care system was already stretched and it is taking the council sometime to get things going to the volume of outreach that is becoming necessary. In the meantime, we can deliver for food banks. We can deliver for local shops. We can deliver to those who are self-isolating because they have symptoms so that less people have to leave their houses and risk catching the Coronavirus.

One of the best things about it is just getting a sense of community during this lonely period. So this is an invitation for you to reach out today and join a group. Chat with neighbours. Find out what is happening on a local level and how you can help, or be helped should you so need it.


Map of Bethnal Green Mutual Aid groups

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