• Football classes in East London
  • Brunel Museum

All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

  • Football classes in East London
  • Brunel Museum

All the best stuff to do for East End Kids and their crew!

Meet Mel of Wrap A Hug

Wrap a Hug

You may have seen Mel at a baby group or NCT session bopping along with her little one in a sling making it all look easy. Mel runs Wrap a Hug, a babywearing consultancy offering sling libraries, private consultations and workshops. Why not get some of your friends together and book a group workshop? Workshops can be booked with just 2 people but for *THMs members, Mel will let another friend come for free.

If you’re curious about baby wearing, Wrap a Hug Sling Library consultations are a great place to start your journey. The sling library happens every other Monday morning, 10.15-12pm, at St Paul’s café in Bow.

With a 15-20 minute, pre-booked consultation Mel will guide you in how to use a sling or tie a wrap and provide a demo doll if you feel nervous practicing with your child at first.

If you would like to learn more than one technique, try out a few slings or bring along your partner, you can book a double session, private consultation or workshop.

Slings are available to hire so that once you have learned how to use one you can practice with it for a while before you buy.

Meet Mel

We caught up with Mel to find out more about Wrap a Hug and learn how she helps us mums who might be getting in a twist when it comes to babywearing.

What motivated you to take on Wrap a Hug?

I took over the consultancy because I have a real passion to supporting parents on their babywearing journey. Babywearing helped me overcome a difficult time after the birth of my first child and I want to be here to support parents in my area as much as I can.

What would you like to tell mums about baby wearing?

The benefits of carrying your child are endless! It can really change your life but it needs to be done in a safe and comfortable manner. I highly encourage mums to give it go and enjoy all the benefits.

What are the most common problems people come to you with?

Often people get given slings by friends without instructions and don’t know how to use the sling safely or make it comfortable. So I help them with their sling and/or show them other slings if the one they were using wasn’t suitable for their baby’s age. The other most common problem is difficulty getting the sling tight enough, so I show them techniques and give them tips.

What are some of the more unusual things you have helped people with?

Somebody asked about a carrier to carry their dog! It’s a new trend!

THMs Members Offer Ts & Cs

*To book a workshop for you and 2 or more friends simply quote THMs at the time of booking. Only one friend will go free and the first 2 can not be a couple as this price is already discounted.

Further Information

When: 23rd April then every other Monday morning, 10.15-12pm

Where: St Paul’s cafe, St Stephen’s road E3 5JL

*Please note that it is cash only if you want to purchase refreshments

W: https://wrapahug.com/


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