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How to Birth Without Fear

The Birth Without Fear Method

Support is everything in life. When we feel supported, we feel that we can cope and handle whatever life throws at us, be that an emotional or a physical challenge.

Birth is the most intense physical and emotional challenge combined.

This is the ethos of the Birth Without Fear method – a Swedish birth preparation technique developed by the childbirth expert and physiotherapist Susanna Heli, based on the books Give Birth Without Fear (2nd Ed. Clink Street 2019) where it has been the trusted and established method for over 12 years, used by thousands of birthing people, also practiced by hundreds of healthcare professionals supporting birthing families.

  • The woman’s body knows how to give birth – this is our starting point. However, how does a first-time mum, or indeed a second-time mum who had a previous difficult birth experience manage to find the confidence to access that trust in her own body?

You need a bridge, a key to feeling confident, feeling trust… feeling SAFE.

It is the feeling of trust and confidence that activates your innate birthing physiology. Because we are supposed to give birth when we feel safe. Only once you feel safe can the powerful birth hormones take care of the physiological process and take you on your unique journey to meet your baby.

That is why Birth Without Fear method focuses on training your chosen birth partner to know how to support you both physically and emotionally with hands-on training based in the science of physiology, using 4 simple and effective tools. Your birth partner becomes that vital bridge to confidence.

The 4 Birth Without Fear tools:

  • Breathing
  • Relaxation
  • The Voice
  • The Mind

“I thought I was well prepared for my wife going into labour before this course, but the teachings have provided me with a fascinating tool kit. I now feel ready and able to utilise the tools to support the love of my life, the best I possibly can. The course was expertly demonstrated, and everything wonderfully explained.” – James, Birth Partner. August 2021

With Emilie’s guidance and expertise surrounding the Birth Without Fear method, I was able to go into labour with a huge amount of positivity. Understanding that I already possessed all of the tools I needed to give birth helped to eliminate any fears I may have had, and the inclusion of my partner Gerard in the process made me feel confident that we were going into it as a strong team. Birth is an incredible process and our capabilities are truly amazing.” – Harriet, January 2020

“It cannot be overstated how essential the principles of the Birth Without Fear system are to being the best support you can be for your partner. Trying to understand what they are experiencing and implementing the techniques outlined in the book, can turn a potentially very daunting and overwhelming experience into a manageable and even enjoyable one.” – Gerard, Birth partner. January 2020.

Birth without fear – the class

The class is 4 hours and facilitated by experienced midwife Emilie Wicks and includes interactive exercises where you learn theory, the 4 tools and specific massage techniques to support the birthing woman during labour. Recommended any time from 24 weeks gestation.

Face-to-face and Virtual.


Please check the website for upcoming dates:


£150 F2F

£90 Virtual

For more information and booking enquiries about Birth Without Fear method, please contact midwife and UK Method Ambassador Emilie Wicks on

Mobile: 07983 350 851

Social media

@givebirthwithoutfear – Instagram/FB

@swedishmidwife – Instagram

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