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Breastfeeding Sucks! Find Help in East London

Breastfeeding Sucks! (at first)

Breastfeeding is one of the hardest things you will do as a new mum. That and learning how to function on very little sleep. It is worth persevering though, not only for the additional health benefits for you and your child but because, believe it or not, you will one day enjoy it.  When your toddler has no time for cuddles, the only time they might sit still is for those night-time feeds. Yep, welcome to the dichotomy of motherhood!

The days are long but the years are short.

In the meantime…

Don’t suffer in silence. Visit the links below for a range of local drop-ins led by highly skilled health professionals. Get some help with latching on and persevere if it’s painful at first as it will get easier.

Have your nipple cream at the ready and apply it at the end of each day. Take good care of your boobs. When your baby is sleeping, treat them to a hot shower or microwave a wet towel (cool before applying). Give them a massage to break up blocked ducts. Always massage your breast from the chest wall to the nipple while warm. If you experience any soreness after feeding, use a cold compress. Watch out for signs of mastitis, be kind and nurture yourself during this journey.

And remember, at the end of the day “Fed is Best”. Don’t feel defeated if you have to pump to feed, baby isn’t latching correctly or you find another way to feed your baby. Whatever works for the both of you.

Breastfeeding in East London – Further Information

Tower Hamlets: Tower Hamlets Breastfeeding Services

F: Tower Hamlets Born To Breastfeed facebook page 



La Leche League East London:

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