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How to Choose Your Childminder in East London

Our Guide to Choosing a Childminder in East London

If a nursery full of rambunctious rascals feels not quite right because your child is very young, sensitive or more introverted, a childminder could be the best solution for your family.

Cheaper than a nanny, but still encompassing a more personal approach, childminders are self-employed people who work in their own homes caring for other people’s children. They should be registered with the office for standards in education (Ofsted). If they are, your tax free childcare and 30 hours may be accepted. A good standard is generally sufficient as even the best childminders can have a difficult time achieving an outstanding rating from Ofsted.

Childminders can offer a cosy home environment and a flexible childcare service. With many nurseries using temporary staff, a childminder can also ensure consistency of care. If you have two little ones, they can often stick together just as if they were at home with you.

Choosing a Childminder – Things to consider

-Visit the childminder with your child in their home. Meet any other children who will be looked after at the same time as your child.

-Discuss your views on things like behaviour management, sleep, potty training and diet. Are you in agreement?

-Consider the accommodation – Is there space? Is it safe? Are there plenty of toys and books?

-Ask to see the childminder’s Ofsted registration, public liability insurance and first aid certificates.

-Find out what happens if the childminder is ill.

-Does the childminder use a car? Are car restraints or seat belts used? Are they compliant with current legislation? Does their insurance cover business use?

-Ask to see the areas where your child would play, rest and sleep.

-Can the childminder give you the name of another parent who will give you a reference? Always take up references.

If you would like a recommendation, it’s always worth asking for one on our Facebook page.

Childminders in Tower Hamlets

For Further Information on childcare options, call Tower Hamlets Council Family Information Service:



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