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Faraday Prep School kids get creative

Faraday Prep School pupils energised by creativity in the curriculum

A prep school integrated into the creative community of Trinity Buoy Wharf brings boundless opportunities for young people to engage with the Arts.

Founded in 2009, Faraday Prep School provides knowledge based education through a broad and creative curriculum that includes specialist teachers in the Arts – art, music, drama, dance as well as sport.

With small class sizes, pupils thrive from personalised teaching and the inspirational setting of the rich artistic community of Trinity Buoy Wharf. The school’s focus on wellbeing and personal development within a caring school community is key to childrens’ impressive academic and creative attainment. Curiosity is encouraged at Faraday Prep School, helping young people to grow in confidence and fulfill their potential.

What do the students think?

While teachers could discuss the finer points of how the Arts play a vital role in children’s development and how it permeates throughout their learning. We thought the best people to inform you of their experience would be the young people themselves.

A roundtable discussion with year 5 & 6 pupils was full of enthusiasm for the many enriching art activities they had experienced.

To begin with, they chatted enthusiastically about competitions like The Big Draw and Royal Academy Young Artists, as well as art lessons with professional artists Zartorski and Zartorski, weaving workshops with resident weaver Daniel Harris, Climate Change awareness with sculptor Ros Burgin’s Lifelines, the school’s award winning weekly animation club, poetry with Hussain Manawer, and filming with Isle of Dogs and Fantastic Mr Fox animator Tim Allen.

Entering the Fourth Plinth was another highlight with all the children bursting with pride as 2 of their school friends had both won the renowned accolade.

But it was their most recent project Bubbletown that had them buzzing with excitement!


Bubbletown was a Trinity Buoy Wharf Heritage Project. Thames Festival Trust initially ran workshops exploring the heritage of the Wharf and surrounding areas. The children then created artistic reflections on the subject culminating in making ‘Bubbletown’ –  a model of their sustainable vision of the future that was on display to the public at the Prince’s Foundation. Complete with green screen filming, The Trust’s video shows them explaining their ideas against the backdrop of their creative contributions to Bubbletown.

When asked about the project, children were eager to impart their experience with infectious enthusiasm:

“It was interesting to learn the history of the Wharf and the industrial heritage and how the purpose and use of the buildings had changed over the years

“With 2 friends we built the 03 (a reinvention of the 02), it has a shopping centre with a secret ballroom in a secret basement for concerts.

“We got to work together and the project interlocked the class”

“It was good because a builder could look and think and one day take it further in the future and actually build it.”

Just before the end of the discussion, the children were shown the finished film with their creations in it. And as the session came to an end, the children continued to remember with excitement, with the closing contemplation

“It helps us feel more connected to the area and where we are. I’d never thought of what the river may have been used for.”

Faraday Prep School pupils are truly fortunate to have the opportunity to take part in engaging projects that encourage imaginative, curious children to think of a sustainable future while exploring the history of their local community.

Further Information:

Faraday School, Old Gate House, 7 Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, E14 0FH

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