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Skateboarding lessons for kids

Fun Skateboarding Lessons in Vicky Park with School of Skate

Bust the boredom and earn major parent points with School of Skate’s epic Skateboarding Lessons for kids in Victoria Park!

The Summer Holidays have arrived, and we all know what that means – hyperactive kids bouncing off the walls! Could skateboarding lessons be the perfect remedy to keep them engaged and far from those screens? Head to Vicky Park for an exhilarating morning of skateboarding learning The Kick-turn, The Roll-in, and Drop In, all while boosting their confidence and passing their beginner grading with flying colours!

The School of Skate caters to kids aged 5 and above, welcoming skaters of all skill levels. If your little rippers are just starting, they’ll be kitted out with skateboards and safety gear or you can bring your own if you’ve already invested. School of Skate instructors are fully insured and DBS enhanced checked.

Getting started with skateboarding lessons will help your kids learn the right techniques and build essential skills to help prevent gnarly injuries.

Skateboarding lessons for kids
Stu from School of Skate teaching the drop in

Mental Health Benefits of Skateboarding Lessons for Kids

Resilience – Skateboarding is great for teaching children resilience. They might not land that trick right away and they might fall off while trying but it’s developing the perseverance to hammer it out and keep trying that can help young people in all aspects of their lives.

Risk and Play – As children grow up, they are often naturally attracted to risk. It is normal to want to push the boundaries of what parents deem appropriate or safe. Skateboarding provides children with a less destructive way to engage in risk while distracting young people from more damaging and addictive behaviours. Skateboarding also keeps children playing in a way that is thrilling, cool, and adventurous for when they may have outgrown many of their toys.

Creativity and Focus – Skateboarding is a fantastic way to express yourself and there is always more you can do to improve your technique. These two elements make skateboarding a great lifelong hobby that can give restless and distracted kids greater focus as they develop their personal style.

Progressing Classes

Once your children have passed their beginner grading and can do the drop in, they’ll get an exclusive School of Skate T-Shirt and move on to progressing classes.

Progressing classes are £10 (bring your own kit)

10 year old daughter had her first lesson with Stu. She loved it. Stu was patient, started with the basics and making sure my daughter was happy with each new skill before moving on to the next. In just an hour she learned a number of different elements that when pieced together enabled her to ride the (gentler) banks using kick turns. He followed up with an email to point out the areas to practice which is really helpful. She can’t wait to go back! Also very nice to see how the other skaters at the park treated the younger riders.”

Kev Wrake

Further information

When: Monday 24th July to 1st September 2023

Beginners Classes £12 (including kit)

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 am

Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am

Pro Classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11 am

Where: Victoria Park Skate Park (near The Hub)

Book your child’s place today.

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