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Sweet Talkers Desserts – a sweet heaven for happy kids (and parents)!

If you’re looking for a place to treat the kids locally, Sweet Talkers Desserts have a range of great food and drinks to fit the bill!

Last week, we were very lucky to have a chance to visit Sweet Talkers on Roman Road, where Percy Ingle used to be. It’s a great place to spend a hot day (we went on one of the hottest days this year!) with it’s aircon, clean surroundings and friendly staff. On top of that, there was a huge array of ice creams on offer.

It was quite hard to choose but in the end, we ordered:

Three scoops for my six-year-old with mango, white chocolate and honeycomb, and Nutella. Plus M&Ms on top!

Three scoops for my four-year-old with lemon, Nutella and white chocolate and honeycomb. Also with M&Ms on top.

I ordered a Fudge Fantasy sundae, which I didn’t know also came with a slice of cake on the side! It was insane.

My partner ordered a chocolate coconut cake and a passionfruit virgin mojito.

Get ready for some happy faces at Sweet Talkers Desserts!

There weren’t many non-dairy options on offer but they were happy to answer our questions about it and did have a few sorbets available. It had a nice chatty vibe with an inviting feel. There was a huge range of people in there, which delightfully showed off the cultural mix in East London. The nicest thing was that messy ice cream faced kids were definitely welcome!

The ice creams were lovely and tasty (though the little ones may have had eyes bigger than their bellies so two scoops might be enough!) The sundae was huge and could be shared, especially with a slice of cake on the side. So if you’re looking to feed your sweet tooth, look no further! The chocolate coconut cake was delightfully on the gooey side and gave that melted chocolate feeling on the tongue.

A word of warning: you will need plenty of wet wipes!

Sweet Talkers Desserts is an affordable place (depending on what you order of course), friendly, comfortable and best of all, a place to cool you down on those hot days. They offer bubble tea and shakes too. Or perhaps perfect even a day when you just fancy a pick-me-up – they have hot desserts like crepes and waffles, as well as hot drinks too!

Check out their menu here:

Address: 633 Roman Road, Bow London, E3 2RN

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