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10 Great Places to take Your Baby in Tower Hamlets

Wondering where to take your baby in Tower Hamlets? We’ve got some tips to help you navigate the baby scene and find all the best things to do right on your doorstep.

Do make sure to check with event organisers to ensure the event is on the day you are attending.

1 Breathe Melodies for Mums

A free 10 week singing programme for new mums in Bethnal Green, Breathe Melodies for Mums brings harmony and friendship to the sometimes discordant and isolating early days of motherhood. Based on research from the Royal College of Music and Imperial College London, this programme is designed to be a nurturing journey for mothers, creating a supportive community to boost emotional and mental well-being and improve confidence and self-esteem.

Mondays from January 22nd 1 pm – 2 pm

Collingwood Children’s Centre, Buckhurst St, London E1 5QT

Registration is open until February 5, 2024. Sign up here

More info

2 Frog Prince

Kicking off on Monday with Frog Prince at Docklands Settlements, a one-man band using over 10 different real instruments that children can touch and familiarise themselves with. A high energy event in green surroundings that will really get the kids moving and singing. Tiny Tigers also have a soft play and an imagination zone, a very welcoming place to hang out after the sessions.

On Fridays, the Frog Prince is at Stepney City Farm, the perfect place to introduce your little one to farm animals. Ba Ba Black Sheep will really come alive for your little one when you visit the animals afterward. The cafe has amazing locally sourced food and great coffee too!

Mondays 11am & Tuesdays 2pm DOCKLAND SETTLEMENTS 4a Saunders Ness Rd, Isle of Dogs, London E14 3PS

Fridays at 10 am and 11 am Stepney City Farm, Stepney Way, E1 3DG

£6.50 per adult

More Info

3 Blossom Babies

Tuesdays head to Poplar Union for baby sensory with light shows, bubbles, balloons, parachutes, baby yoga, baby signing, music & music making, tummy time activities, movement and action, textures, baby dance, scents, and more. During the sessions, you’ll get tips on how to look for your baby’s cues and what they may be trying to tell you, the benefits of the sensory fun will be explained and you’ll also learn some baby sign language.

One off registration fee of £29 (incl. Sensory kit) + £11 per session | £8.50 trial session

Tuesdays 10:15, 11:25,12:35 and 1.45pm Poplar Union, 2 Cotall St, Poplar, London, E14 6TL

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Genesis Cinema
Cinema for mum and baby in Tower Hamlets

4 Parent and Baby Screenings Genesis Cinema

Thursdays enjoy the films you love without having to worry about your child being tormented by nightmares or picking up unexpected vocabulary. Take advantage of this time and enjoy the cinema with special screenings especially for babies under 24 months (parents’ discretion for early talkers) in Genesis Cinema’s luxurious studios every Thursday. In order to create the correct atmosphere they ensure the sound is a little lower than usual and that there is a little more light so you can see exactly what your little bean is up to.

£6 per adult – Enjoy 2 for 1 with EEK membership

Thursdays 2:30 pm, Genesis Cinema, 93-95 Mile End Rd, London E1 4UJ

More Info

5 The Toyhouse Centre

Running a toy library and stay and play sessions throughout the week, the Toyhouse has been around for over 38 years! Monday mornings are especially for pre-mobile babies and their parents, resources, toys and songs for all to enjoy in a sensory environment.  Meet other parents and build new networks. Access to the Toy Library so you can borrow toys to take home for the week.

The Toyhouse Centre, 92 St Paul’s Way, London E3 4AL

Mondays 10 am – 11:30 am


More info

French and Spanish classes for kids
KidsLingo language learning fun for your baby in Tower Hamlets

6 KidsLingo

Did you know that your baby has a natural ability to mimic sounds meaning they can pick up tricky sounds in foreign languages much easier than adults? As we become experts in our mother tongue, we lose this ability. KidsLingo starts them from birth with fun, musical and multi-sensory sessions for babies from birth to 2 years.


Thursdays 9:30-10:10am

St Paul’s Old Ford, St Stephen’s Road, Bow, London, E3 5JL

More Info

7 Active Stay and Play Rich Mix

Run by the North West Children and Families Centre, these active Stay & Play sessions aim to provide a rich and exciting environment where you and your children will have an opportunity to get active, develop skills and most importantly have fun in a safe creative play area. The sessions aim to provide additional support with talking and communication skills, building your child’s confidence and independence to enable your child to be ready for nursery/school. *For local families in the LBTH North West catchment area. Attendance will be subject to spaces available.

Tuesdays 1:45 pm -3 pm

Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA

More Info

8 Baby Hub Shadwell

A drop in social club where you can find your village in Shadwell. St Paul’s Church is a lovely venue with soft play, lashings of coffee, tea, and biscuits too. Expect a casual place to meet up and have a natter with other sleep deprived parents as your little ones play.


Fridays 10am-12pm

St Paul’s Shadwell, The Highway, London, E1W 3DH

More Info

Also check out:

9 Bring Your Baby

‘Bring Your Baby’ Guided London Walks’ and Pub Quizzes are not to be missed! Devised to suit parents and carers of even the tiniest babies to enjoy London’s history and take part in general knowledge fun.

Various times and dates

Further information

10 Children’s Centres

We also highly recommend heading to your nearest children’s centre. They’re free and you’ll meet loads of lovely local parents.

Did your favourite place to take your baby in Tower Hamlets make the list? Let us know what you think should be listed in your comments below and we’ll check them out.

If you run a class for babies, you can add it to our community calendar

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